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New flagship killing phone from OnePlus

Detailed review of OnePlus 12R

Welcome to the OnePlus 12R review. This is the OnePlus 12r a new flagship killing phone from OnePlus these R series phones were only sold in India in the past but this one has gone Global how competitive OnePlus 12r and let’s find out on our OnePlus 12r review

Design and Build Quality

Design and Build Quality

The 12r is a notch below the flagship OnePlus 12. The cameras are stripped down, and you get last year’s Flagship chipset instead of the latest one. Still, that’s enough for high-end gaming performance, plus you get a premium display. a large battery and fast charging too,

The OnePlus 12r adopts the same design language as other recent OnePlus phones. The most noticeable stylistic element is the round camera bump, which melds into a wraparound piece of the aluminum frame. The back of the phone seems to be made of glass, and in this glossy colorway, the phone is easy to smudge. The 12R has an alert slider on the side; it’s a signature feature of OnePlus phones, and the phone has IP65-rated ingress protection, which means it can resist splashes or even jets of water, but you should avoid full submersion.

Display Specs and Features

Display Specs and Features
Display Specs and Features

The display of the OnePlus 12r a curved 6.78-inch OLED with a 120-Hz refresh rate. Gorilla Glass F is 2 protection and a high resolution. This resolution comes out to 450 PPI, not quite as sharp as the QHD on the flagship OnePlus 12, but still great. The panel also supports 10bit color depth, HDR 10+ video, and Dolby Vision, and like on the OnePlus 12, there’s also support for HDR and photos in the gallery.

The screen’s brightness  excellent too; we measured over 800 nits when adjusting the slider manually, and that can boost to around 1,200 nits in adaptive mode in bright conditions. the display is extra adaptive; it can dial down from 120 HZ to as low as 1 Hertz when idling to save energy. The 12R is capable of high-framerate gaming too.

Speaker and Fingerprint

This phone has a pair of stereo speakers; they have very good loudness with clean sound, though the low-end presence leaves a bit more to be desired. You can wake up and unlock the OnePlus 12R with an optical under-display fingerprint reader; it works pretty reliably.

Storage and Android 14 UI

You can get the OnePlus 12R with 128 or 256 GB of onboard storage, but the 128 GB version is UFS 3.1 rather than the faster UFS 4.0. The interface of the OnePlus 12R is Android 14 with Oxygen OS 14 on top. This is the same as what you’d get on an Oppo or a real phone since they all come from the same manufacturer.

There are a couple of cosmetic changes on the OnePlus version, though, like some specific clock faces. Since this phone has an IR blaster, you can use it as a remote to control other devices. As far as software support goes, the OnePlus 12 RS promised three OS upgrades and four years of security patches.


The OnePlus 12r comes with last year’s flagship chipset, a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 flagship. Nowadays, all flagships, including the OnePlus 12, are coming out with the new Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, so the OnePlus 12r does fall behind in benchmarks compared to phones packing the latest high-end silicon. You don’t get the advanced rate racing for games here, but it still packs the same punch as a 2023 flagship, and there’s more than enough power here for heavy gaming multitasking and a smooth overall experience. Plus, the thermal management is pretty decent here, although we did see some thermal throttling during our prolonged stress tests, but it wasn’t extreme.

Battery and Charging

The OnePlus 12R equipped with a 5,500 mAh battery, and the battery life is class-leading. The phone earned an active use score of 14 hours and 32 minutes, a bit higher than what the OnePlus 12 achieved. The 12R ships with a super vul adapter. That’s rated for 100 Watts when plugged into a 220 volt outlet or 80 Watts if you’re in 110 volt territory. It’s super fast, able to charge the battery from 0 to 70% in 15 minutes; a full charge took just 25 minutes. There is no wireless charging on the OnePlus 12R, though, which you do find on many rivals.

Camera Feature and Specs

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Camera Feature and Specs

The cameras The setup is what you’d find on your typical mid-range phone: a 50-megapixel main camera, an 8-megapixel ultra-wide camera, and a 2-megapixel macro camera. The 12 RS main camera captures great-looking daytime photos; the detail is excellent and has a nicely natural look to it.

The contrast is high, the dynamic range is very good, and we can’t complain about the color rendition either. We shot a few of the scenes side by side with the OnePlus 12, and the 12 R’s output is in most cases so similar that we’d be hard-pressed to tell them apart. The 12R doesn’t have a telephoto camera, but here’s a look at its two-time digital zoom. The photos are acceptable, but the detail smeared, and the sharpening dialed way too high in low light. The OnePlus 12R will automatically apply night mode processing to its photos.

The results are great, with nice exposures and a wide dynamic range with good development in both shadows and highlights. Detail is great, and noise is a non-issue. The colors and auto-white balance are good too. Comparisons against the OnePlus 12 left us a bit confused. The 12R not only keeps up with the 12 but, in some scenes, we’re actually seeing some better definition from the less expensive phone.

The OnePlus 12 RS main camera can record video in up to 4K at 60 FPS. The quality is okay, but not really great. strictly speaking, the videos are a little overexposed, the dynamic range isn’t the widest, but the detail is still pretty good, and there’s no noise. The electronic video stabilization isn’t as great on the 12R as it is on the OnePlus 12. There’s still some left-over wobble while walking and occasional focus hunting. The low-light video quality from the main camera is actually solid.

The exposure well judged, the dynamic range is reasonably wide, the colors are accurate, and the well-saturated detail can be a little sketchy in the shadows, but it’s not too bad overall. The 8-megapixel ultra-wide camera produces photos with enough detail, low noise, and decent dynamic range. The colors well matched to the main cameras at night with the auto-night mode. Kicking in the ultra wide is able to capture a decent level of detail, and the dynamic range and colors are good.

When it comes to video recording, the ultra-wide camera limited to 1080P, and the quality isn’t great. Here’s a look at some close-ups from the 2-map macro camera. As you’d expect, it’s nothing special. Finally, we have selfies from the 16-megapixel front-facing camera. They have an okay dynamic range and colors, but the detail level leaves more to be desired.


There you have it, the OnePlus 12R. You get quite a lot here: an excellent display, class-leading battery life, super-fast charging, a high-end chipset, and great photos from the main camera. You are missing a telephoto camera here, and the quality of video recording and selfies isn’t anything to get excited about. There’s no wireless charging, and competitors can offer better water resistance, but if those don’t bother you, the OnePlus 12r could be a great choice worth looking into.

Thanks for reading, guys. Check out our other review of the iPhone 15 Pro Max. Let us know what you think, and I’ll see you at the next review.


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